The main characteristic of a psychopath is the lack of empathy. They have no feeling for the happiness or pain of others. In fact, they take pleasure in the suffering of others.

The current Brazilian president stated in an international public interview, for the whole world to see, that Dom Phillips was not welcome in that part of the Amazon and suggested that it was “foolish” to go to the region unarmed.

Bruno Pereira helped people to formally patrol the Javari Valley after the government officials who should have been doing this work abandoned the area. They simply left the 19 indigenous groups on their own to be exploited, killed, raped…

For over 15 years Dom and Bruno have worked together. Dom specialty was deep stories about vulnerable groups in hard-to-reach places in the Amazon. So both of them were particularly experienced with the kind of journey like that last one of their lives. Bruno had made that exactly same trip over 50 times, it was his “way home” to his base in Atalaia do Norte, near the border with Peru. At that time, after that trip, they were heading to Rio de Janeiro, where Bruno lived.

The Brazilian president said that they went on an adventure. THEY WERE WORKING!

On the evening of June 15, the authorities gave an interview to the national and international press. All the main authorities had their 5 minutes of fame making their “heroic” statements. Not one indigenous person or indigenist was present. Not one of them was invited to the press conference. NONE. ZERO! But they were the ones who helped the army and police search for Bruno and Dom. They gave the routes. In fact, they were on the boats helping and showing the routes. Without them and Bruno’s friend Marubo, this horrendous crime would have been just another crime hidden by the authorities.

The Indigenous started looking for them as soon as they realized they were late. They were supposed to arrive at 8 pm on June 4 and were two hours late. They immediately started to look for them, and halfway through the day they asked the military police and the town’s mayor for help. Only 24 hours later, a small team from the Brazilian Navy arrived with a small boat, but they waited another day to start the search waiting for authorization from the “higher echelons” to join the search.

The Defense Minister said with the utmost calmness that they began the search as soon as they were informed of the disappearance of the two men.


After the current Brazilian president took over our government, the budget to protect the Amazon and fight illegal mining, hunting, fishing, logging, and drug traffickers was cut! Not only that, but he has actually encouraged the exploitation and slash and burn of the Amazon.

This president is the same one who imitated, on national TV, a person dying of asphyxiation when people were literally dying of it at the top of the COVID pandemic in several hospitals in the Amazon, because THERE WAS NO MEDICAL OXYGEN IN THE PUBLIC (or private) HOSPITALS. These hospitals received oxygen only by private initiative from celebrities who bought the cylinders and rented planes to send it to Manaus – the capital of the state of Amazonas.

Recently, the day after the 2022 Summit of the Americas, in a speech in Orlando, Florida, the Brazilian president declared “…we can live without oxygen, but not without freedom.”

This president does not care about our country, he does not care about Brazilians at all. Especially the poor, black, indigenous, or people who disagree with his ideas. He literally does not care about anything or anyone but himself, maybe he cares about his family and for sure his bank account.

Let’s not forget: the Brazilian president gave support to Putin!

Yes, these deaths are your fault. Along with the deaths from police violence, confrontations with narco-traffickers, and the 600,000 Brazilians who died from COVID because you didn’t want to buy vaccines saying that COVID was a “little flu”.

“Thanks to the actions and omissions of a government committed to the economy of destruction, we have been orphaned of two great defenders of the Amazon and, at the same time, hostages of the organized crime that is now sovereign in the region.” – Danicley de Aguiar – Greenpeace Brazil Amazon Spokesperson

“The sad outcome is worrisome, as it adds to a recent escalation of violence marked by unacceptable threats against indigenous people, traditional communities, environmental leaders, scientists, journalists and other people working for the protection and sustainable development of the Amazon.” – Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM)

#SOSAmazonia #SaveTheAmazon #SaveTheRainForest #SaveTheNativeBrazilians #JusticeForBrunoAndDom