Osama is dead, that’s it! Enough! Done!

Why people cannot accept that Bin Laden is dead and his death occurred under the orders of President Obama? Don’t you realize that no matter who did it, the important thing for the whole world, especially for people who have been touched by its evil, is that he’s gone?!

Yes, I am happy to have been Barack Obama who authorized this, because I’m a left liberal. But I’d be happy if it was done by Bush or David Cameron, or Nicolas Sarkozy, or whoever!

But no, people have to create conspiracy theories (* see below), sending fake pictures over the Internet, creating incredible stories, etc.. Actually, this is also terrorism, psychological terrorism. I’m not naive, I know very well that nobody in government (any government) tell us the whole truth about anything! But, c’mon, let’s give a little break and stop complaining and go after everything Obama does! If you do not like the government, do something constructive. “Anything that I am against” or “blah blah blah” will not take the country forward!

You don’t like it? Change it! But with change of ideology and good work. Change for the good of the people of this country, not just for yourself. Work together, right or left, liberal or conservative, so that good things are made to the American people. If you think the government does everything wrong, show that your way does work. Convince with good actions that your way is the right way!

* Pat Turner, UC Davis Professor, and expert on folklore, in an interview tonight on CBS: “I have heard many conspiracy theories about the death of Bin Laden that he is long dead and perhaps the President and the military are using this as an opportunity to finally end the war and cut back the enormous costs of war. I’ve read he is alive, and people who believe that Barack Obama is himself a Muslim (sic) and he is keeping Osama hijacked a place to take any Muslim world! “

Or about the time the news was released: ” It was just to screw up with Trump’s image just before his TV show” DON’T YOU THINK A PRESIDENT HAS MORE TO DO THAN THIS? C’MON!!


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